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Hiking during the New Year's vacation, exercising while traveling

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Hiking during the New Year's vacation, exercising while traveling

As the New Year's vacation is coming, many people have already scheduled their activities during the holidays. Today, there are more and more winter tourists who seek out sports and exercise while traveling. People would rather "travel and exercise" for leisure rather than just "walk and see" as traditionally done. The former allows people to enjoy the scenery while enjoying sports. This is called "exercising while traveling".

Skiing in the North East
Skiing in the North East

Route 1: Skiing in the North East

The North East is always a hot route on winter tours. The Yabuli scenery in Heilongjiang, the Changbai Mountain area in Yanbian Jilin and the Qipan Mountain in Shenyang, etc. all have "ice and snow" concepts dominant in their advertising to solicit tourists and offer them unique ice and snow sports entertainment.

After years of significant development, a unique ice and snow tour model was formed in the North East region. Many classes of ski resorts have been developed to serve ski lovers of different levels. The Yabuli Skiing Center in Heilongjiang is renowned for its unique scenery and high quality ski runs, and has become the "ultimate dream" of many skiers.

The best time for ice and snow tours in the North East is December to February. Skiing and sledding are the most popular activities while there are also snow bicycles, snow motors, snow caves and ice hill crossings for tourists; they can even call on friends for some exciting snow soccer.

Another highlight is the wonderful Ice and Snow Tourist Festival, which consists of matches on ice and snow, shows, games and other activities. All these are to allow tourists to thoroughly enjoy the ice and snow sports in a positive atmosphere.

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