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Hainan Island in the South China: Tropical Paradise

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Hainan Island: tropical paradise

Hainan Island: tropical paradise

Sun, sea and sand, Hainan is a haven for those wanting to escape the hectic pace of city life and relax in one of the many highly-appointed resorts that the island has to offer. For the budget conscious there are also plenty of affordable accommodation options within a stone's throw away of beautiful white, sandy beaches.

Adding to the natural scenery, Hainan is officially building itself into an "International Tourism Island" this year in an effort to boost tourism numbers and present state-of-the-art shopping and infrastructure options.

"It is the first year of the Hainan International Tourism Island," Wei Liucheng, Secretary of the CPC, Hainan Provincial Committee, announced last week. He explained that alongside the planned construction, festival and entertainment activities will be organized throughout the year to make Hainan into a popular base for island holiday-makers.


Hainan: a World-class Resort

Haikou, the Capital City of Hainan Province

Haikou, the capital city of Hainan Province, is home to elegant seascape and historical sites as well as dozens of newly-developed tourist regions and attractions.

The Wugong Temple (Five Officials' Temple) was built in memory of five historical celebrities of the Tang and Song dynasties who lived within Hainan Province. The temple is actually a more like a building complex and is praised as "the No. 1 Building in Hainan".

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Tianya Haijiao Dadonghai

Boao Scenic Zone Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden Yalong Bay Tropical Forest Park


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