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10 Must-go Nightclubs in Beijing at Christmas

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If you are alone in Christmas Eve, why not go to bar for joy? Bar is the best place for lonely people. Quietly look at the handsome boys and pretty ladies around you in a dim and romantic bar in a city with culture, some story may happen on the happy and showoff singles.


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The limp and feeble flavor of India and extravagant fragrance of orient style in SUZIEWONG integrates into a flavor making you feel dizzy in this crowded room. But the big bed hanging a curtain of thin silk is always occupied by someone else who is singing while drinking like in imperial harem of Turkey. You think that person in the bed is really extravagant, and you want yourself to be that person. It makes you to think that even dying in this place collecting all your feelings is also good, and its warmness makes you want to cry.


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MIX is definitely the best destination for hip-hop lover. Its fashionable finishing and layout shows the style of crazy clubs in typical North American countries. Its style and hip-hop dancers of different colors make MIX to be Arena in Los Angeles and Ten 15 in San Francisco. The majority of the people in MIX are foreigners and some are fashionable white collar. Many hip-hop masters like MIX. Its decoration style of postmodernism makes it modern and with good taste. MIX has good region division and you can choose the environment you prefer or dance with crowded people, or taste the Italian and French cuisine in the second floor and look down at dancing people at the same time. To find quietness in a noise place is also a happy thing.


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