本期嘉宾 Our guests

  • Julia

    Graduate student in CUC...her motto is "to take challenges bravely".

  • Cengiz Bonz

    Cengiz, from Turkey.Has been in China for one year.Currently studying Chinese at BLCU.

语言点 Language point

语法 Grammar:

1. 和……一样 (HSK-3 grammar)

meaning: as……as ,The same with…

Eg: 我和她一样都喜欢中国文化。

I like Chinese culture the same with she does.

2. 因为……所以…… (HSK-2 grammar)

meaning: literally means :because …(so) in English of course we don’t

use the 2 words at the same time.

Eg: 因为我努力学习,所以我取得成功。

I achieved success because I studied so hard.

词汇 Vacabulary:

1. 符合(HSK-4 verb)

meaning: To accord with, be in accordance with, conform to

Eg: 红色很符合她的气质。

Red color confirms to her character.

2. 级别(HSK-6 noun)

meaning: rank; level; grade; scale

Eg: 我在努力通过更高级别的汉语考试

I’m working hard to pass the higher level of HSK test.

3. 景色(HSK-5 noun)

meaning: scenery ,landscape, view

Eg: 这里的景色很优美

The scenery here is very beautiful.

4. 珍贵(HSK-6 adjective)

meaning: valuable; precious

Eg: 这份礼物很珍贵。

This is a very precious gife.

汉语学习 Learning

  • Lama Temple

    Lama Temple (Yonghe Temple; Yonghe Lamasery) is the largest and best-preserved

  • The Prince's Mansion

    The Prince's Mansion culture is the core part of traditional Chinese culture

  • Prince’s Mansion...

    Historically, feng shui was widely used to orient buildings—often spiritually